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Digital Health Technology

The healthcare industry is changing.

It's not just about medicine anymore—it's about making sure that patients get the best care they can, in the best environment possible.

At Healthisense, we believe that our digital health technology products can help improve care and service quality, can offer a better patient experience, and can help improve clinical outcomes. That's why we've created a variety of products to assist emergency departments, paramedics, healthcare providers and care workers deliver the best care possible. 

Our products are designed with two goals in mind: to meet the needs of healthcare community and improve the health of their patients.

We have world-first innovative products that can benefit everyone: from homebound seniors to people living with chronic conditions in rural and remote communities.


Unlock the power of real-time scoring for tailored advice on sleep, activity, and physical readiness with MiO Smart Ring. Make informed decisions, know when to recharge, and unleash your full potential for a healthier you.

Olive Diagnostics is the world’s first passive smart toilet seat that provides continuous monitoring of an individual's urine (urinalysis).


RPM Health Hub is a remote patient monitoring solution that can assist in the delivery of superior healthcare to people in or out of care environments.

Vitalsense is a vital sign monitoring device that helps triage nurses identify patients waiting in the emergency department who need reassessment. 

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