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Emergency SOS Activation

Emergency Call Activation

Ideal for domestic violence situations, the MiO Smart Ring can be set up to instantly activate a mobile emergency call with just a single swipe. Providing the phone is in range, this feature allows  users to  get in touch with an emergency contact or emergency services quickly, even when their phone is locked, and the call is made from the user's phone.

SMS Text Message

The MiO Smart Ring can also send an SMS text message to Police or emergency contacts, including family or friends,. This feature allows the user to send a message to their trusted contacts, notifying them of their emergency and the need for assistance.

Location Details

The MiO Smart Ring also sends the location details of the user along with the emergency call or SMS text message. This feature ensures that emergency services or trusted contacts can locate the user's position accurately and respond promptly to their needs.

Image Capture

The MiO Smart Ring can capture images by activating the users mobile phone camera and send them to the user's emergency contacts along with the emergency call or SMS text message. This feature enables the user to provide additional visual information to their emergency contacts, which helps them understand the situation and respond accordingly.

With these features, the MiO Smart Ring is an excellent emergency device, ensuring that users can get the help they need quickly and efficiently. The SOS feature also takes the MiO Smart Ring beyond its fitness focus and makes it a versatile and valuable wearable device.

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