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RPM Health Hub


Real-time care, Anytime, Anywhere

RPM Health Hub is a remote patient monitoring solution that can assist in the delivery of superior healthcare to people in or out of care environments.

Remote Patient Monitoring with wearables

Intelligent insights. Not just data.

RPM Health Hub is a remote patient monitoring solution that enables healthcare practitioners and care providers to offer more proactive, personalised and holistic care. 


The product is based on the idea that clinicians should have a way to make better decisions about their patients with actionable insights and not just data. 

  • Continuous real-time data collection using smart wearables or other IoMT devices.

  • Granular personalised profile.

  • Alerts to changes or anomalies.

  • Multi-user and multi-level data sharing.

  • Role-based user definitions.

  • Scalable , modularised and customisable to suit your practice.

  • Stand alone or integrated into existing EHMR and monitoring systems.

  • All from your browser, with no installation required.

  • + more

Healthisense Digital Health Tech Company

How it works

Remote patient monitoring is changing the way we deliver care. It works by collecting medical and health information from a patient's vital signs or other data points,  through connected mobile devices, remote diagnostic devices or sensors, and delivers it to the patients clinician, carer or relative.

Patient-Centric, Provider-Friendly

This real-time data is transmitted to a remote clinician for review and analysis, allowing healthcare professionals to conveniently monitor, at any time, their patient’s condition across geographic distances. 

The solution improves efficiency by providing a consolidated reference point for all data collected, data profiles, trend analyses, history, progress notes and vitals capture for each patient. 

Remote Patient Monitoring Dashbaord

Connecting Care Providers, Patients and Practitioners

The RPM Health Hub has a feature that allows healthcare practitioners, care providers and individuals a platform to submit information into the system via a mobile phone or desktop computer anywhere at any time share it with whomever they choose.


Since it is web-based it can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

RPM Health Hub App Screen

Innovation in healthcare while simplifying provider and patient experiences

The cloud-based, mobile first solution can be used independently or in conjunction with existing client management systems, patient monitoring systems and other medical devices.  The solution allows providers to perform remote patient monitoring and data collection from multiple patients with little or no IT integration.


The solution helps improve patient outcomes, lower healthcare costs and alleviate unnecessary ED visits by providing better access to care through the hands of doctors, nurses and other caregivers.


With fast deployment, no software installation and low maintenance requirements, RPM Health Hub delivers cost savings across the health system.

Remote Patient Monitoring Ecosystem
Health hub for doctors
Nurse using Remote Patient Monitoring
RPM Health Hub can be used by Hospitals
to deliver virtual care.

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How RPM Health Hub Works
Health hub for doctors
Remote Patient Monitoring using Healthisense Solutions
RPM Health Hub can be used by Doctors
to get deep insights into a patients health. 

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How RPM Health Hub Works
RPM for care workers
Nurse sitting with aged care client
RPM Health Hub
can be used by Care Support Workers to provide better care. 

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How RPM Health Hub Works
RPM for family members
Helping seniors thrive through digital health tech solutions
RPM Health Hub
can be used by
family members
for peace of mind. 

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How RPM Health Hub Works
RPM for individuals
Patient using remote patient monitoring app
RPM Health Hub
can be used by individuals to monitor their wellness, and see real time progress.

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How RPM Health Hub Works

wearable technology

Healthisense smart wearables are a medical-grade monitoring device. They use a range of sensors, including red, green and infrared PPG sensors to measure volumetric variations and determine real-time vital signs of each patient without the need to use cumbersome monitoring devices or resources.



RPM Health Hub is an IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) device

and can be used in or out of care facilities.

Easy to access and use

Clinical dashboard with real-time data integration and actionable insights

Modules can be customised to suit patient, practitioner and practice requirements

User defined multi-level view and data sharing (fixed or temporary sharing)

Captures progress notes, events, alarms, interactions for review and evaluation

Captures vitals including blood pressure, pulse oxygen, heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature and respiration rate

Measures wellness including mental stress, sleep quality, movement, distance,

steps and calories

Geolocation enabled with geofencing, gating, alarming and history tracing

Calendar function with medication event and appointment reminders

Includes patient, companion/family mobile application

Includes cloud based mobile and web based software, medical grade wearable devices - smart watch and smart rings and ibeacons

Healthisense Digital Health Tech Company

Want a demo?

We will give you a walk-through of RPM Health Hub.

See the benefits for your practice and your patients from day one.
Reduce the cost of care and increase productivity.
Get a dedicated account manager for ongoing support.

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