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Why Healthtech is Vital: Doctors Meeting Patients in the Digital World

Doctors and healthcare providers are faced with a number of challenges in today's environment. They must deal with a growing population, an aging population, skyrocketing costs and a lack of trained medical professionals.

More and more, doctors and healthcare organizations are being pressured to find effective ways of operating more efficiently…and more effectively. Why? Because they know that digital health technologies can yield the kind of results that their practices have been searching for – all while saving them time and money in the process, making patients happier and healthier, and improving the overall patient experience. A win all around.

woman using telehealth services

However, healthcare professionals don't always understand the basics of how to apply these technologies in their practice. Meanwhile, patients are spending more time than ever online and adopting smart wearables to provide them with insights about their health.

So why, if people are already using technology to get health insights, is it not being used by doctors?

Why Healthtech is Vital: Doctors Meeting Patients in the Digital World

The most common use of digital health technologies is through telehealth. This allows patients to talk with doctors from wherever they are located and means they don't have to wait for long periods of time or worse yet, have to visit the emergency department.

Another example is with remote patient monitoring.

RPM is revolutionising virtual care in the healthcare industry. It works by collecting medical and health information from a patient's vital signs or other data points, such as weight and blood pressure, through connected mobile devices or sensors. This real-time data is transmitted to a remote clinician for review and analysis, allowing healthcare professionals to conveniently monitor – at any time – their patient’s physical condition across geographic distances. This can increase access to care and decrease healthcare delivery costs.

The doctors who have embraced this new model of care have been able to improve outcomes, reduce costs and increase patient satisfaction.

Talk to us about how we can help you implement a remote patient monitoring solution at your practice.


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