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Why should you adopt digital health technologies?

In recent years, the healthcare industry has undergone a digital transformation. Digital health technologies have been introduced to improve the delivery of healthcare services and support the patient experience.

One company that is making a significant impact in this area is Healthisense, a digital health tech company that has developed monitoring and management solutions that leverages smart wearables, patient monitoring systems, and clinical decision support to help healthcare providers manage their patients health effectively. In this article, we explore why you should adopt digital health technologies to improve the healthcare experience.

Real-time Monitoring and Personalised Care

Healthisense’s wearable technology allows for real-time monitoring of a patient’s vital statistics including heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. This technology enables clinicians to detect any changes in their patients’ conditions early on and provide the necessary interventions before the situation becomes critical.

With Healthisense, patients can access their personal health data anytime, anywhere and track their progress towards their health goals.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings

Digital health technologies can help streamline healthcare processes and reduce costs. With Healthisense platform RPM Health Hub, clinicians can access patient data in real-time and make informed decisions about their patients’ treatment plans.

This leads to more efficient and effective healthcare delivery, as well as reduced hospital readmissions and other healthcare costs. Additionally, leveraging health data helps identify treatment and prevention plans that are most effective for different populations, reducing the overall cost of care when it comes to chronic diseases or conditions.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Healthisense recognises that patients should be at the center of their care. Each solution supports person-centered care and enables patients to take ownership of their health and wellbeing. The software provides personalised information and support tailored to patients’ needs and preferences and facilitates communication between patients and their healthcare providers.

This results in a more engaged patient population who can take control of their health, stay healthy and manage chronic conditions better.

Clinical Decision Support Systems

Healthisense’s clinical decision support system, such as Vitalsense, employs algorithms that analyse large datasets to support clinicians in the triage and prioritization of patients. This technology helps identify patients that may be deteriorating in the waiting room, to be seen to sooner.

Overall, digital health technologies are changing the face of healthcare. They offer real-time monitoring of patients, provide personalised care, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the overall patient experience. As digital health continues to grow and evolve, it is vital that healthcare providers consider adopting these technologies to improve patient outcomes.

Clinical Decision Support - RPM Health Hub
Clinical Decision Support - RPM Health Hub


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