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Olive Diagnostics


The smarter way to test.

Olive diagnostics is the world’s first passive smart toilet seat that provides

continuous monitoring of an individual's urine (urinalysis) with results delivered

immediately to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Remote Patient Monitoring with Olive Diagnostics

Get powerful insights at the flush of a button

Olive diagnostics is a purpose-built, multi-frequency spectrometer designed to detect molecules in urine.


The toilet seat unit is mounted to any home or commercial toilet and is the first truly passive, non-invasive urine diagnostic system.

  • Hydration trends

  • Starvation warnings

  • Urinary Tract Infection

  • Preeclampsia (protein in blood)

  • Ketosis level

  • Electrolyte balance

  • Vitamin balance

  • Nutritional coaching

  • Creatinine, exhaustion, body workout

  • Stress levels

  • Kidney efficiency

  • Quality of sleep


Healthisense Digital Health Tech Company

No more dip sticks

The Olive Diagnostics toilet seat mounts to any toilet. It uses spectroscopy and proprietary algorithms to create a real-time urinalysis without the need to pee in a cup.

Olive Diagnostics Continuous Urinalysis

Passive monitoring

The device sends varying LED light frequencies through freefalling urine and collects information using spectrogaphic analysis.

How Olive Diagnostics Works

Real-time analysis

Olive Diagnostic's proprietary, AI-driven algorithms deliver real-time analyses in a simple easy-to-read format direct to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Olive Diagnostics Urinalysis

Smart insights using AI

The cloud-based AI system calculates molecule concentrations using proprietary algorithms, analyses and tracks collected data, and alerts the practitioner to any changes or anomalies.

Remote Patient Monitoring with Olive Diagnostics App Screen
Healthisense Digital Health Tech Company


Olive Diagnostics is an IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) device

that can be mounted on any toilet.

100%  passive

No collecting

No aiming

No dipping
No expiration date
No complicated kits
Continuous real-time data collection every time you urinate
Granular personalized profile
Alerts to changes or anomalies
Alerts on both immediate conditions and trends
Scalable and customisable to suit your practice

Affordable and simple installation

Elderly woman reads
“ Olive Diagnostics device is completely changing the way we work. The device collects and sends certified urinalysis results directly to our physicians and elderly patients 5-6 six times a day, without requiring any special effort from our staff or assisted living residents.


Consequently, we are improving our care, detecting, treating, and preventing common conditions earlier on, and reducing operational expenses and long term healthcare costs. 

Patrick Landsman,

CEO, Mobile Care, Netherlands

Healthisense Digital Health Tech Company

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