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Fitness Tracking

Fitness Tracking

The MiO Smart Ring is designed to help you track your fitness progress over time, measure your performance and achieve your goals by monitoring key metrics like calories burned, steps taken and distance traveled.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The MiO Smart Ring measures your heart rate throughout the day and during workouts. This feature helps you understand your cardiovascular fitness, track the intensity of your exercise routine, and customise your workout to maximize your results.

Daily Activity Tracking

The MiO Smart Ring tracks your daily activities such as the number of steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. This information helps you monitor your activity levels and set fitness goals that are achievable and aligned with your fitness targets.

Step Counting

The MiO Smart Ring is equipped with an advanced sensor that counts your steps throughout the day and keeps you motivated towards a more active lifestyle. This feature is ideal for those who are just starting a fitness routine, tracking their daily activity, or trying to reach a specific step goal each day.

Distance Tracking

The MiO Smart Ring measures your distance traveled during a workout or over the course of a day based on your stride length. This information helps you determine how far you've traveled, which can keep you motivated, especially when trying to achieve certain fitness milestones.

Calorie Tracking

The MiO Smart Ring measures the number of calories burnt based on your daily activity and workouts. This feature can help you maintain a healthy diet and reach your weight loss goals by better understanding the number of calories you need to consume versus the number burned through daily activity.

Performance Analysis

The MiO Smart Ring comes with integrated algorithms that analyze your physical data and provide detailed insights into your fitness performance with personalised training recommendations.

Running, Walking, and Riding Metrics

The MiO Smart Ring helps you track key metrics like distance, pace, time, and calories burned for running, walking, and riding. This feature is ideal for those who want to track their workouts and progress and compare them over time.

Personalised Goal Setting

The MiO Smart Ring allows you to set personalised daily goals for steps, daily activity, and daily calories burned, so they're tailored to your fitness level, activity preferences and specific fitness routines. This feature helps you optimize your fitness regimen and make real progress towards your goals.

Progress Tracking

The MiO Smart Ring tracks both your daily and historical progress towards each fitness goal and displays this information on the MiO companion app. You can monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to meet your goals.

Water Resistance

The MiO Smart Ring is water-resistant, making it possible for you to wear it during swimming, snorkeling, or any other water sports activities.

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