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MIO Smart Ring Design

Design & Aesthetics

The MiO Smart Ring's compact design and sleek appearance fit nicely with a wide range of fashion styles while not under-representing the technology inside.  There are 5 colour combinations and 8 sizes to choose from.

Water and Sweat Resistant

The MiO Smart Ring is IP68 which is water, dust and sweat-resistant, which means it can withstand contact with water and allows users to wear it showering and even during water-intensive activities such as swimming, diving or snorkeling.

Compatibility with Smart Devices and Operating Systems

The MiO Smart Ring is fully compatible with iOS or Android devices and allows for seamless integration with operating systems.


The MiO Smart Ring comes with various options to suit a wide range of users' preferences. The companion app allows for personalisation of goals, workout routines and other essential settings.

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